New nonprofit aims to make Sacramento green job hub

SACRAMENTO, CA – Greenwise Joint Venture is ready to launch as an independent nonprofit after more than a year of preparation and incubation. The organization serves as a conduit to green opportunities and investment for the entire six-county Sacramento region.

Greenwise Joint Venture is spearheading economic development initiatives around the region, and was recently recognized by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson during his State of the City address for committing to raise $100 million for green retrofits to local schools. These retrofits will lower school operating costs and result in the creation of 1,500 construction jobs.

“Today’s launch of Greenwise Joint Venture will further our region’s effort to become a national leader in the green movement,” Mayor Johnson said. “With signature projects in the works that will diversify our economy and create jobs, Sacramento is taking its commitment to green to the next level and once again show that good environmental policy can also be good economic policy.”

Other Greenwise Joint Venture projects slated for 2012 include partnering to promote the availability of commercial building retrofit financing by Ygrene Energy through the Sacramento Clean Energy Fund and successful participation in President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge, helping the Sacramento Tree Foundation reach a goal of planting 30,000 trees, facilitating regional planning for the early adoption of electric vehicles, and introducing the Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard pilot program to the Sacramento area.

View a complete list of the projects here.

Throughout 2010-2011, Greenwise Joint Venture was incubating within Valley Vision, a local nonprofit dedicated to regional problem solving and research. Greenwise is branching off from Valley Vision to focus on action for a sustainable economy. While Greenwise is now a stand-alone nonprofit, Valley Vision remains a partner with it in regional sustainability projects.

Formerly known as Greenwise Sacramento, the Greenwise initiative was launched by Mayor Johnson in 2010 with the vision to serve the entire six-country Sacramento region. The Greenwise Regional Action Plan was developed with input from more than 275 people including residents and officials from 22 cities around the region. As a stand alone nonprofit, Greenwise Joint Venture is empowered to implement the action plan’s goals and transform the Sacramento area into the greenest region in the country and a hub for clean technology.

“Greenwise Joint Venture is taking action by making the connections we need to diversify the economy and create jobs in the Sacramento region,” said Tom Kandris, CEO of American River Packaging and Greenwise Joint Venture board treasurer. “The region’s two major employment sectors, construction and government, will not be able to generate enough jobs to put people back to work. Now is the time to diversify our economy in a creative and innovative way.”


Greenwise Joint Venture is a high-impact, regional organization focused on transforming the Sacramento area into the greenest region in the country and a hub for clean technology.

Greenwise Joint Venture