Greenwise Joint Venture facilitates Capital Area Plug-in Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council

Sacramento area prepares for electric vehicles with Energy Commission grant

The Sacramento region is about to become much more friendly to plug-in electric vehicles, thanks to a $200,000 planning grant from the California Energy Commission.

The $200,000 Energy Commission grant will allow the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, the project’s lead entity, to create the “Capital Area Plug-in Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council (CAPEVCC).”

The council will include public and private leaders from counties, cities, public agencies, community organizations, private industry, higher education, and utilities. The council will help promote the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the Sacramento area and create a set of consistent best management practices to simplify their introduction.

Julia Burrows of Greenwise Joint Venture, facilitates the CAPEVCC. Suzanne Mayes of Valley Vision provides staff support to the CAPEVCC and its Workforce Development and Training Subcommittee. If you are interested in joining the CAPEVCC list serve, contact Suzanne Mayes at suzanne @

For more information, read the Energy Commission’s press release at >>

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