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Edible Schoolyard article in the June 2012 issue of Sacramento Magazine.

Get a preview of what's to come with Sacramento's edible schoolyard in the June 2012 issue of Sacramento Magazine. Get your own copy wherever they sell magazines. Which is everywhere, by the way.

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By Marybeth Bizjak

In his state-of-the-city address back in January, Mayor Kevin Johnson was talking about the hottest topic in town: the Kings and the downtown arena deal. “We are this close to making in happen,” the mayor said. (As it turned out, he was being wildly optimistic.) Eventually, he moved on to other subjects: trees, green jobs, schools. Then, in what seemed like practically an aside, Johnson mentioned something that made people’s ears prick up: famed Chef Alice Waters’ plan to bring her “edible schoolyard” program to Sacramento.

…The pilot program will serve as a model for similar gardens throughout California and, perhaps, the rest of the country.

…Edible Schoolyard aims to teach kids life skills: cooking, gardening, event something as simple as cleaning up after themselves.

…Sacramento’s Edible Schoolyard will differ from Berkeley’s in one key aspect: It’s for high schoolers. “Alice chose to put it at a high school because she wants students to get involved with the cafeteria—learning how to do a business plan, order food, develop menus,” explains Julia Burrows with Greenwise Joint Venture, a local nonprofit that will oversee Edible Schoolyard in Sacramento.

[Source] Marybeth Bizjak. “Edible Schoolyard.” Sacramento Magazine June 2012: 72-75.

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