Our Region

The six-county SACOG region

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The Sacramento region boasts numerous natural advantages: abundant open space, sunny days, fertile farmland and waterways make this region an ideal location to live, work, play and learn.

The 2.3 million residents of the Sacramento region enjoy their choice of rural or urban lifestyles in six counties and 22 cities.

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Greenwise and Government

A competitive advantage giving strength to the region are the collaboration opportunities we provide to local governments.

Building on the success of regional and local sustainability efforts, Greenwise Joint Venture:


  • Leverages resources invested in Greenwise Joint Venture to implement projects identified at the local and regional levels (e.g., Climate Action Plans)
  • Provides opportunities for marketing success stories for governments and nonprofits throughout the region
  • Maintains an online Green Library
  • Identifies business attraction opportunities for local jurisdictions through Greenwise Joint Venture contacts
  • Pools resources to help the region qualify for grant funding and attract private sector investment and venture capital
  • Offers the region’s local government leaders an opportunity to actively participate in creating a sustainable future for the region as Greenwise Joint Venture working group members
  • Convenes leaders for ongoing Greenwise Joint Venture speaker series
  • And ultimately, creates jobs in the green economy throughout the region, improving the environment and raising the region’s Green IQ
Greenwise Joint Venture