About Us

Alice Waters with Greenwise

California Hall of Fame inductee Alice Waters educated Greenwise participants in December 2010 on the importance of local food movements to local economies, as every dollar spent locally contributes as much as two to three times more to the community than spending at a non-local business.

Greenwise history

In May 2010 a “Greenwise Initiative” was launched by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to convene, coordinate and align leaders in the greater Sacramento region and establish a shared vision for a economic development plan focused on a strong green economy.

At that time the Sacramento region was facing significant challenges with rising unemployment and an economy that heavily relied on construction and government jobs–challenges that still continue today.

Greenwise planning

The Greenwise team convened more than 275 experts and community leaders during an eight-month initiative and identified challenges and opportunities through five policy committees: Energy, Green & Clean Technology, Urban Design & Green Building, Waste & Recycling and Water & Nature.

This grassroots, collaborative effort was further inspired by remarkable leaders who spoke at monthly Greenwise meetings.

Together, Greenwise participants developed a powerful vision and detailed Greenwise Regional Action Plan to grow our green economy, improve the environment and engage our communities.

Nonprofit formation

In February 2012, the Greenwise Initiative filed for status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and became Greenwise Joint Venture.

Our mission is to be a “high-impact regional nonprofit¬†focused on a bold vision to transform the Sacramento area into the greenest region in the country and a hub for clean technology.”

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Greenwise Joint Venture