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About Us Easy, Fun And Professional

Headshot of our Founder/Principal/Owner, Tina Reynolds

Tina Reynolds


Design and Communication Leaders

The Uptown Studios crew is known for being creative, dedicated and enthusiastic. Started by Tina Reynolds in 1992, Uptown Studios is now at the top of its game with a full team of creative professionals ready to help you change your world.

Tina has always led by example with her fiery enthusiasm and eagerness to take challenges head-on. She promotes a happy, healthy work environment where each team member is valued and encouraged to be involved in community activities and causes they are passionate about.

Find out more about Uptown Studios’ daily adventures and interests by following the team on Twitter: @UptownStudios or follow me @UptownTina.

Tina has been running her own design firm since 1976 and she is the community face of Uptown Studios. She is always ready and eager to get your project going, share her experience that will give you the “big picture” on your campaign or marketing materials. Tina loves the people she gets to work with and is always there to remind you to make it:

“Easy, Fun and Popular”

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Headshot of our Multimedia Director, Kate Moore

Kate Moore

Multimedia Director
Kate manages video production and multimedia projects at Uptown Studios. As an experienced broadcast

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Headshot of our Art & Web Director, Cris Weber

Cris Weber

Art & Web Director
Cris manages all art and web projects at Uptown Studios. She enjoys overseeing the creative process of projects

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Headshot of our Managing Director, Tania Torres

Tania Torres

Managing Director
Founder of her own nonprofit, Tania is an expert in taking a vision and seeing it become reality. She is here to help

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Headshot of our Web Manager, Brent Stromberg

Brent Stromberg

Web Manager
Brent joined Uptown Studios in July 2012 with sixteen years of front end web development under his belt. By day, Brent

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Headshot of our Database Developer, Steve Knau

Steve Knau

Database Developer
Steve is a hardworking employee as well as a student. He is currently attending UC San Diego and is majoring in

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Headshot of our Finance Manager, Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan Simpson

Finance Manager
Jonathan Simpson, our Office Ninja, is back with Uptown Studios. Jonathan had a stint with us in early 2000 and

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Headshot of our Print Manager, Kristen Stauss

Kristen Stauss

Print Manager
Kristen has almost 20 years experience in the digital and offset printing world. She has worked every aspect of the

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Headshot of our Digital Marketing Manager, Mia Lopez

Mia Lopez

Digital Marketing Manager
Mia works closely with our social media clients to ensure their messages ring loud and clear. Her enthusiasm for

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Headshot of our Innovation Director, Christine Folck

Christine Folck

Innovation Director
Christine is the super innovation leader here at Uptown Studios. She works closely on each project to

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Headshot of our Graphic Designer, Mark Hébert

Mark Hébert

Graphic Designer
Mark is the newest member to join the Uptown Studios Team. He brings over 10 years of design experience with him.

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Headshot of our Graphic Designer, Zuza Hicks

Zuza Hicks

Graphic Designer
Zuza is a design lover and her passion is taking complex ideas, simplifying them and creating beautiful visual

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Headshot of our Project Assistant, Sharlett O’Connor

Sharlett O’Connor

Project Assistant
Sharlett brings a multitude of experiences to the Uptown Studios team, from project and account management to

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